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    coolest thing I’ve seen all day

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    Pseudothyrum Song // The Mountain Goats // Isopanisad Radio Hour

    i think someone was mean to you when you were little

    that’s what i think

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    See carefully, decide carefully. Too many facts lie before our eyes. Open your eyes!

    I see humans but not humanity, how can we call it fake when it’s very clear? Tell me!

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    It’s that time again. The periodic display of Israeli power, a rising Palestinian death toll, global indifference, and diplomatic theatrical bullshit.

    Spoiler alert: this is not an impartial piece— it’s unwavering in its bias against the apartheid regime which governs the state of Israel. If…


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    When some Western countries justify the killing of Gaza’s children as the “right to defend” it leads to the suggestion that their big talk on human rights is simply a cheap lie employed to further their own political ends.

    Whoever justifies the criminal aggression occurring in Gaza has no entitlement to talk big about human rights; they have no licence to give themselves the right to judge others by human rights standards.

    Habib Ali al-Jifri

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  8. Anonymous said: Apologies if this is a silly question, but why does the US continue to support Israel? What does the US gain from Israel?


    For a number of reasons.

    In terms of geopolitics, it is a western-oriented country that’s very friendly to the US and is willing to serve as a bulwark against possible threats from other Middle Eastern countries. Additionally, it has a very well-developed military with a multitude of weapons and a nuclear arsenal. The calculation for America is that it’s better to have Israel on “our” side than for “us” to let it go and fall in line with say Russia or China. 

    In terms of domestic politics, there is a powerful lobby in Washington that enforces a consensus on Israel. It’s not that this lobby is invincible, far from it. However, to stand up to it, you need a lot of resources, including money and the ability to take hits and still emerge victorious. Politicians who might want to disagree look at the pros and cons and decide it’s not worth it to disagree. It also helps that zionism has literally acted as a ticket to Washington — e.g. Democrat Senator Dick Durbin who owes his career to zionism.

    Moreover, Israel and Islamophobia go hand-in-hand. Especially after 9/11, hatred and bigotry against Muslims and Muslim-coded people has moved more into the mainstream on the right but also on the left. Israel has benefited from this because it is seen as fighting against Muslim extremists, even though that isn’t true. This is why Netanyahu once said that 9/11 was good for Israel


  12. Pasirimpun, pagi setelah hujan :’)


  13. Dua for the Sixth Day of Ramadhan

    اَللّـهُمَّ لا تَخْذُلْني فيهِ لِتَعَرُّضِ مَعْصِيَتِكَ
    وَلاتَضْرِبْني بِسِياطِ نَقِمَتِكَ
    وَزَحْزِحْني فيهِ مِنْ مُوجِباتِ سَخَطِكَ
    بِمَنِّكَ وَاَياديكَ يا مُنْتَهى رَغْبَةِ الرّاغِبينَ

    O Allah do not leave me helpless in the lurch, during this month, because of my transgressions,
    a forsaken soul exposed to loose;
    do not let the whipping crack my back, remove and chase away from me the causes and reasons that bring down Thy displeasure instead of bringing in Thy bounties and favours,
    O the Beloved Craving of those who ardently desire and long for.

    Duas from previous days

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    Reblog as much as possible before Ramadhaan begins guys!


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    The Mountain Goats | Pale Green Things

    she told me you how you’d died at last / at last

    John Darnielle: ”…but to know that the person who used to hurt you no longer can: it’s very, very, very deep. It’s unbelievable.”
    Interviewer: ”Do you forgive him?”
    John Darnielle: ”No.”

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